Rank Name Kills % Longest ⇓Category
76Steyr TMP2521.46%188 mRifle
77Steyr HS .5050.03%593 mRifle
78Steyr AUG A2150.09%267 mRifle
79SPAS-1530.02%28 mRifle
80SPAS-12130.08%44 mRifle
81SIG SSG 300070.04%540 mRifle
82SIG 5522321.34%255 mRifle
83SIG 55130.02%114 mRifle
84Saiga .308370.21%266 mRifle
85Ruger MP9410.24%150 mRifle
86Remington 87020.01%32 mRifle
87QBZ-9590.05%88 mRifle
88PP-19 Bizon590.34%189 mRifle
89PKM70.04%323 mRifle
90PGM Hecate II20.01%459 mRifle
91OC-14 Groza780.45%437 mRifle
92NeoStead 200020.01%30 mRifle
93MG 3410.24%663 mRifle
94Mechem NTW 20290.17%664 mRifle
95Mac 104942.86%186 mRifle
96M93 Black Arrow40.02%221 mRifle
97M60 E330.02%124 mRifle
98M4 SOPMOD3562.06%444 mRifle
99M4 AimPoint1650.96%362 mRifle
100M4 A1830.48%324 mRifle

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