Rank Name Kills % Longest ⇓Category
1Tow Stand610.35%1207 m
2Stinger Stand290.17%715 m
3M20 Grenade1811.05%155 m
4Explosive1861.08%2391 m
5AirStrike550.32%1678 m
6C4 Timerfuse30.02%37 mC4
7C4 Remote Detonator90.05%62 mC4
8C4 Motion Sensor450.26%1155 mC4
9MK3A2 TNT570.33%115 mGrenade
10Grenade410.24%86 mGrenade
11Alhambra Frag Grenade220.13%100 mGrenade
12UH/MH-60A Black Hawk190.11%214 mHelicopter
13UH-60Q MedEvac DUSTOFF00%0 mHelicopter
14UH-60M Black Hawk20.01%0 mHelicopter
15UH-1C Iroquois540.31%368 mHelicopter
16RAH-66 AT Comanche140.08%495 mHelicopter
17OH-58 D Kiowa120.07%167 mHelicopter
18Mi-3840.02%0 mHelicopter
19Mi-25 Hind-D10.01%0 mHelicopter
20KA-60R Kasatka50.03%0 mHelicopter
21KA-50 Black Shark2261.31%979 mHelicopter
22KA-29TB Helix-B440.25%414 mHelicopter
23Harbin Z-9C20.01%412 mHelicopter
24CH-47F Chinook90.05%0 mHelicopter
25Bo 105P380.22%947 mHelicopter

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