Rank Name ⇓Kills % Longest Category
1AK-47171910.75%527 mRifle
2FN P909475.92%283 mRifle
3HK MP76504.06%251 mRifle
4Bradley M26163.85%752 mTracked
5FHJ-84 Anti Tank5353.34%832 mLauncher
6Dardo VCC 805283.3%836 mTracked
7B1 Centauro4772.98%620 mWheeled
8M4 AimPoint4382.74%383 mRifle
9Galil AR4172.61%694 mRifle
10BTR-904092.56%744 mWheeled
11AH-64D Apache Longbow4082.55%919 mHelicopter
12Colt M1911A14062.54%113 mPistol
13AKMSU3972.48%217 mRifle
14Panzerfaust 33742.34%545 mLauncher
15BRDM-23612.26%744 mWheeled
16C90-CR (M3) Anti Tank3352.09%994 mLauncher
17BMP-13151.97%767 mTracked
18AK-74M3141.96%463 mRifle
19Mac 102921.83%173 mRifle
20M4 SOPMOD2801.75%451 mRifle
21Glock 182761.73%139 mPistol
22Luchs SpPz 22651.66%708 mWheeled
23RPG-7 (PG-7V)2511.57%297 mLauncher
24AS 565 AB Panther2511.57%733 mHelicopter
25AH/MH-6M Littlebird2491.56%570 mHelicopter

The Soldner Secret Wars Rankingsystem was developed by Jason33 and ViperNL