Frequent questions

I do not want to participate in the Ranking. Can I opt-out?

Yes, you can. Join any ranked server and execute the following command in chat:
!rcon ranking invisible
This will hide you from the ranking. Beware that your data is still collected and just hidden. So you cannot use this function to do some unranked team kills!

If you decide otherwise, you can make yourself visible again:
!rcon ranking visible
You can only make yourself visible again in the first 20 days of the month! Afterwards changing to visible is blocked to prevent "ghosts" suddenly appearing at the top of the ranking.

If I don't like my stats I can just leave before the round ends, right?

Nope. Ranking data is collected continuously. As soon as you are killed, it is recorded and will end up in the ranking eventually.

At the beginning of the round I can team kill as much as I want, I don't get any less than 0 score anyways, right?

In the game you will not go below a score of 0. However in the ranking every team kill costs you -130 score (note: used to be only -30 before 2021). And unlike in the game, your score can even be negative in ranking. So just behave maybe?
(Also there is no award for highest negative score...)

Why does my latest kill not appear in ranking even though the page was just updated?

The ranking data is collected by the game server and transmitted to the ranking database every few minutes. The ranking system will parse the raw data to make it visible on the website every 3 minutes.

The ranking is not updated. Are my glorious achievements in game lost forever?

Unlikely. Every ranked server will record ranking events locally. If they cannot be uploaded right away, they will be as soon as it is possible again. So it is possible that there is a delay in uploading but the data is not lost. The only case in which ranking events will be lost is, if recorded data is not uploaded within the month it occurred in.

I played some knife-only rounds with a friend. Why do I not have the most knife kills now?

Ranking data is only collected when there are at least 6 players in the server.

Why is my award not displayed? I should have it! (E.g. Hero of Labor)

Some awards have requirements like minimum score or kills before they are displayed.

The Soldner Secret Wars Rankingsystem was developed by Jason33 and ViperNL